Yuri FAQs
What is a Nanopass?+
A Nanopass acts as both an access pass to all future Nano phases, as well as your land in the Nanoverse.
What is NANO Phase 2?+
NANO Phase 2 is NANO AGENTS, a customizable and upgradeable AI that will act as both a desktop companion as well as your avatar in the Nanoverse.
How do you upgrade your AI?+
Your AI will be upgraded through the use of Corrupted Data Fragments [FRAGZ]. Different upgrades will cost different amounts of FRAGZ, for example upgrades to intelligence level, voice systems, and other future functions that will be developed/revealed over the course of time.
What are Corrupted Data Fragments [FRAGZ]?+
Corrupted Data Fragments [FRAGZ] are used for upgrading your AIs, for purchasing WL from the Nano Marketplace, and other future uses as the project develops. FRAGZ can either be earned from weekly BlackBoxes or traded between Nanopass holders.
What are $BITZ?+
$BITZ are the central token of the Nanoverse that will be used for purchasing cosmetics for your NANO AGENTS, land assets for your Nanopasses, and many other uses that will be developed/revealed as the project progresses.
What can my NANO AGENTS do for me?+
NANO AGENTS will start off with base-level intelligence, and will progress through interactions as well as purchased updates. As you upgrade, they will be able to undertake tasks such as logging user information, creating calendars, Discord server roles, tracking popular collections on OpenSea and more.
What makes NANO AI so special?+
NANO AI is special as it acts as both a desktop companion for social interaction, as well as being able to perform day-to-day activities and help with organizing, information handling and many other tasks.
What is the supply for NANO AGENTS?+
What is the mint price?+
NANOPASS (Phase 1) holders will be able to claim and mint their NANO AGENT for FREE + gas.
When is NANO Phase 2 mint?+
Dec 18
What is the relationship between NANO Phase 2 and PXN?+
NANO Phase 2 and PXN are separate stand alone projects. Holding a PXN GHOST does not entitle you to a NANO Phase 2 WL.