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NANO AGENTS are fully customisable–you can upgrade your AGENTS’ personality, cosmetics, and interior style.


Your NANO AGENTS will generate $BITZ tokens, the main currency of the Nanoverse. $BITZ will be used to buy cosmetics, assets and much more for your Agents and NANOPASSES.


Corrupted Data Fragments [FRAGZ] are included in the NANOPASS [BLACK BOXES], and can be used alongside $BITZ for upgrades and accessories relating to your NANO AGENTS.




NANO AGENTS begin with base-level intelligence, and are able to perform simple tasks with a limited vocabulary. As your AGENT matures, NANO [FRAGZ] can be used to unlock new, exciting features and upgrades.


NANO AGENTS are able to be upgraded through Corrupted Data Fragments [FRAGZ] .This unlocks certain specialties such as acting as a Discord Bot or Trading Assistant.
+Data Storage
NANO AGENTS can store user information and are able to draw upon this information when required, so your important info and favourite takeawayS are easy to reach and in good hands.
+Info Retrieval
NANO AGENTS are able to be upgraded into OpenSea AI Tool Automation. With this, your Agent can track trending collections on OpenSea as well as perform basic function queries.


Your NANO AGENT can transcribe paragraphs and text within a certain character limit.
Your NANO AGENT is able to automate specific actions in response to specific triggers.
+Opensea AI Tool Automation
NANO AGENTS will be able to track the data of trending Opensea collections and can help you buy and trade NFTs.
+DeFi Trading Assistant
NANO AGENTS are able to monitor your investment portfolio and keep you up to date with crypto or NFT news.
+Discord Bot
NANO AGENTS can go into servers and chat on your behalf, even secure Whitelist spots and prizes for you.